How to Install Infeed Ads from Google Adsense

How to Install Infeed Ads from Google Adsense — Google adsense provides an opportunity to increase the revenue of adsense publishers with a new advertising model that is the ads placed in the feed. Not all publishers are given the opportunity to install infeed ads, only certain people are selected and bidding serve infeed ads.
Picture Infeed Ads
The offer was sent by the google adsense team via email, more or less the content is suggesting being the first person to try infeed type ads to increase earnings because this type of ad can customize the look and feel of the site. The google adsense team also provides detailed guidance on how to create and benefit infeed ads and how to install this infeed ad.

What are infeed ads?

Infeed ads are a new ad format that is currently in beta stage with the purpose of helping to increase adsense publisher revenue by not reducing the convenience of site visitors. These infeed ads will be installed above the feed, in the middle of the feed or under the feed. Obviously, these ads will be fused in the web / blog feed list for example on homepage feeds, labels and search results. Infeed ads can be arranged in such a way that they look exactly the same as the content of the feeds on the site so they do not interfere with the reader's convenience. Unlike the banner ads that we place in the feed, chances are it can make a less good performance.
Below the picture below is the interface of blog or site that infeed advertisement.
Examples Picture of infeed ad images already installed

What are the benefits Infeed ads?

The main benefit of infeed advertising is to increase the revenue of adsense publishers, although this is still in the testing phase. Google can not confirm with this ad, your earnings will increase as it is still in beta stage. At least, the possibility of increasing revenue is wide open.
The benefits of advertising infeed include:

1. Will not worsen the user experience.
Ad models that blend into the site feed list make the infeed ad look entirely unobtrusive to the visitor's convenience. The size that can adjust the width of the screen increasingly makes the display ads infeed is unsightly. Therefore, it is not excessive if the google adsense team mentions in its offer email that infeed ads can create a better and unobtrusive user experience.

2. Monetize the new ad space.
Among the many publishers, there are those who want to serve adsense ads in the content of feeds using banner ad units, but the desire is not done for fear of affecting the user experience. Now it's been answered their wishes with infeed ad units, because this ad unit integrates with the site feed content.

3. Adjust the width of the web or blog screen.
This infeed ad is a responsive ad that can adjust to the width of the device screen that visitors use. If accessed using mobile, ads will look beautiful and unsightly. If accessed via PC, it looks pretty cool and does not interfere with visitor views.

How to Install Infeed Ads.
If you are interested in installing infeed beta ads from google adsense, please follow the guidance provided by the google team by visiting the url that is included in the infeed invitation ad emailing email.
If you can not apply because the explanation is quite confusing, especially for those who do not understand the programming language, please follow the simple way below, Install infeed ads.
Before you install and listen to our guide, go to the edit html template page and look for code below or something similar. To make searching easier with CTRL + F.
<div class='blog-posts hfeed'>
<b:include data='top' name='status-message'/>
Then place the code below just above this code <b:if cond='data:post.includeAd'>
<B: if cond = 'data: blog.pageType! = & Quot; static_page & quot; And data: blog.pageType! = & Quot; item & quot; '>
<Div class = 'post'>
</ Div>
</ B: if>
 Please see the example of the position picture below
Laying down the ad code
Next save the template, and see the results, may be useful.

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