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About me :
Name:  Yhankie Esha Sapoetra.
Date of birth: Jakarta, 20-09-1986.
Core job: Self-employed, Publisher.
Side job (currently designing)
Hobbies: Writing an article on blogger
My contact :
Email: yhankiea@gmail.com
phone: +62895615033277
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- my blog : ketikerss
my youtube
my twitter
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Music is my inpiration, while social networking is social media where my second, my first social place that is real life in this world.
I'm pretty simple, find the money, play and think for a work that I have created.
being a blogger a hobby and my preoccupation in restoring my mind.
play game one of my alternative entertainment.
and I am the first child of four siblings / i.
my goal of being a good businessman in the real world and in the online market.
another, I am a shy sometimes also often embarrassing (smiling).
love I was a little unlucky.
good people so about me.
Criticism and suggestions please attach it to the form: contact us .
Earning Disclaimer.
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